Items starting with Y

Y-INCISION - 'Der Schatten Der Fliege' CD

Death Industrial

YAN JUN - 'Music For Listening On The Moon' CD

Drone / Experimental

YANNICK DAUBY & HITOSHI KOJO - 'La Vie Dans Les Airs & Dans Les Eaux' 10"

Drone / Experimental

YANNICK DAUBY - 'Chang, Factory' CD


YANNICK DAUBY - 'Vescagne, Salèse' CD


YANNICK FRANCK - 'Hierophany' CD

Drone / Experimental / Ambient

YAT-KHA - 'The Ways Of Nomad: The Best Of' CD

Folk-Rock / Ethno-Electronic

YEAR OF NO LIGHT - '...Play Vampyr' CD

Doom Metal / Drone

YELLOW6 - 'When The Leaves Fall Like Snow' 2 x CD

Drone / Post-Rock / Ambident

YEN POX - 'Between The Horizon And The Abyss' 2 x LP

Dark Ambient

YEN POX - 'Between The Horizon And The Abyss' CD

Dark Ambient

YEN POX - 'Universal Emptiness' 10"

Drone / Dark Ambient

YRSEL - 'Abraxas' 2 x 12"

Doom Metal / Drone