COAGUL - 'La Forja Centrípeta' LP


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Ritual / Industrial
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Burka For Everybody

Five sonic spells, conceived and composed by Marc O’Callaghan in 2014 between Barcelona and Picanya. The first four tracks are equal to the four ages of mankind: from the iron age to the golden age. The length of each spell is in proportion with the mathematics of the traditional division from the Vedic doctrine of the four yugas. The last spell, which occupies the whole second side of the record, is an incarnation of the new city, which is another name for the heavenly city of the New Jerusalem. The twelve stanzas of this long spell equal to all that is twelve: the zodiac, the precious stones, the fruits of the tree of life, the angelic typologies, the months of a year, the prophets, etc. The first side of this vinyl symbolically equals to the circular shape, and the second one equals to the square shape. So all in all, “La Forja Centrípeta” is a large sonic tool that can be magickally used to achieve what the hermetics rightly called "the squaring of the circle". Ltd x 250 copies.

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