COAGUL - 'Tot Encaixa!' LP


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Ritual / Industrial
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The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret

Ritual severity, that certain trademark pop sensitivity and a rampant punk attitude all collide in Coàgul's latest offering, “Tot Encaixa!”, which leaves the esoteric, conceptual paths of its highly acclaimed predecessor and therefore focuses on political topics and social issues backlit through the prismatic eyes of Barcelona based Marc O'Callaghan. A 6-track tour de force of harsh synths, invoking chants and sounds charged with meaning, drawing inspiration from neurolinguistic programming, pharmaceuticals, the classic Catalan poet Jacint Verdaguer and the synchronicity of the universe. Housed in a sleeve showing murals illustrating local tales of the Spanish Moià area. On Novy Svet's label. Ltd x 311 copies on olive green marbled vinyl, with insert.

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