COAGUL - 'La Roda De La Justicia' LP


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Ritual / Industrial
Record Label:
Màgia Roja

Coàgul is Marc O'Callaghan – synths, vocals and bells - playing Suicide's shamanic trance via Esplendor Geometrico's industrial sound or Einstürzende Neubauten playing electronic psychedelic noise with PIL circa “Flowers Of Romance”, only with more drony, epic, anthemic and minimalistic processions. At the same time his music feels medieval - even rural - with lyrics formed by esoteric dark poetry in Catalan. With an aesthetic halfway between black metal and David Tibet, his themes are plagued with ancient Mediterranean symbolism, references to tarot, surrealism and old secrets, and through all this he still manages to sound punk. And still all comparisons miss the point. Ltd x 763 copies on red vinyl with full-size lyrics sheet. 

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