COAGUL & CADENA - 'Coagul & Cadena' LP


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Ritual / Industrial
Record Label:
Gradual Hate Records

In Summer 2015, these two industrial music acts from Barcelona joined forces to produce a series of songs specifically conceived to be played just once during Cønjuntø Vacíø festival. Cadena is a three-piece combo refreshing the hardcore punk and industrial rock traditions, and distilling them into a saturated and contemporary sound that is close to the most plastic-like noise rock. Coàgul is the project of an unclassifiable character who has been taking back the rhythm'n'noise sound of Esplendor Geometrico-like acts, translating it into a certain lyrical drive that brings him closer to the lands of folk music rather than those of the noise music. The work shows a joint obsession for urban space, contemporary dystopia and an active nihilism that connects the suburbs with the cosmos. With lyrics in Catalan, more than an album this is a document that cartographies a contextual micro-particle key to understand the hidden details of Barcelona's underground. Ltd x 285 copies. 

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