OPHIR - 'Opus Operatum' CD

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Post-Rock / Electro-Acoustic / Ethno-Ambient
Record Label:
Callithrix Records

Debut album from this Swedish act who met at EMS studios and started a series of eight sound experiments, which was part of their formal education in electro-acoustic music. An encounter between two very different musical dimensions; Anders Hallengren came from the Medieval Sacral Mass and the Renaissance polyphony of Lassus and suddenly found himself “in the world of post-post-modern electro-technology and apocalyptic Death Metal” of Stefan Östlund. But somehow these apparently conflicting worlds intertwined and the outcome was something new, even recondite and elusive to both. A stunning array of musical instruments is used throughout (violin, piano, horn, flute, bells, drums etc). All female vocals were performed by Julia Hallengren. Digipak.

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