ORDER OF VICTORY - 'Calamitas Virtutis Occasio Est' DVD + 3" CD


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Martial Industrial / Neofolk
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Casus Belli Musica

"Calamitas Virtutis Occasio Est", the new work of the martial / neofolk duo Order Of Victory, is dedicated to the 900-day defence of Leningrad under siege, to the legendary story of courage and heroism which sets wondering and delights even nowadays, and will remain in the future generations memory for ever. Two compositions form the 3" CD (NOT CDR), one of which is based on the front-line soldier and poet's verses, freeze the heart over with the ice breath of that blockade winter. The footage presented on DVD includes compositions of the duet's debut album, and makes clear all hardship and destitution of the war of 1941-1945. Ltd x 445 copies in a DVD case with two-sided poster, pennant.

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