VETROPHONIA - 'Vizualizacija' DVD


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Russian Post-Industrial
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Ultrasomnambula U

This DVD consists of several parts. First, a completely new multimedia album created in 2013-16 with the help of Yuri Kovalskiy (Worms, Monument Straha). A carefully crafted 33-minute collage of various industrial and retro-futuristic sketches, analogue video-noises and meticulously constructed soundtrack, perfectly matching the visual part. Despite the quite abstract nature of this work, it keeps the viewer in suspense throughout. The disc also contains the digital version of the live material "Turning Virgings Into Doves" originally released in 1996 on VHS, and the recording of a gig in Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg, 11.03.2013 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of publication of the famous "L'arte dei Rumori" manifesto by Luigi Russolo. Ltd x 500 copies in a slimline DVD case.

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