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People say that in the infinite solitude of Iceland you can only hear three things: the blood running through your veins, the rushing of the waterfalls and the rustling wind which tousles your hair and blows through dark winter nights. This wind also spreads the tales of this country, the sagas from Iceland. In a whisper they tell us about water ghosts, about an invisible folk and ancients gods from a time before their world broke apart - and gave way to a new one. "Sagas" is by no means an old tome: the five musicians use modern instrumental sounds and set free an unprecedented energy like a volcanic eruption. "Sagas" refers to those tales that old people told each other in long, cold winter nights by the fire or that some stranger brought along from the north to the south coast. In their sagas written down in the withered pages of the old book they paint a vivid picture of the harsh face of their beautiful country. In 65 minutes of playtime Wolfenmond whisk you away onto a journey to mystical Iceland. In addition to the album with 14 songs, you also get the long awaited bonus DVD of the live concert at the Musiktheater Kassel with 138 minutes of playtime, the music video and a collection of carefully chosen bonus songs, plus a sumptuous 28-pages booklet including all lyrics and beautiful illustrations of the Wolfenmond musician Pedro Aibéo. Comes in a fold-out A5 digipak.

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