VA - 'Estigmas' CD & DVD


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Martial Industrial / Apocalyptic
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Twilight Records

The short film "Estigmas" is by Jose Brave & J. Luis Martinez. "During World War II, German scientists and occultists, in their quest for perfection, developed a substance capable of creating a mystical metamorphosis in men and enhance their human condition. A key to get in tune with the gods and achieve a higher level of existence. With the fall of Germany after an atomic bomb that razed the entire country and its empire, the substance called Futhark 5 fell in the hands of a secret society. This sect used the substance and its effects as an instrument of extinction. After one of these experiments, one of his guinea pigs escaped, developing the original effects of the substance, passing to another dimensional plane and posing a threat to the organized chaos". The CD features: The Protagonist, Puissance, Der Blutharsch, In Slaughter Natives, Mayhem, Kazeria, Turnavel, Suveräna Vanguard, Silent Love of Death, and Hyperborei.

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