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Industrial / Power Electronics
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Tesco USA

GBA! was a three-day industrial music festival filmed 28th-30th September 2002 at North Six in Brooklyn [now the Music Hall of Williamsburg], and the documentary DVD was debuted on 11/11/11 at Public Assembly, directly next door to where it was filmed, as part of the Tesco USA 10th Anniversary Celebration. Working from the DV and DAT tapes and a 20-minute VHS rough from the late James Elenidis, the DVD is completed with never before seen footage, clocking in at just under 4 hours. Some tracks came out raw and WYSIWYG, some have been meticulously edited to incorporate the original backing videos used by the band during their original performance, while others have taken on a whole new dimension. Features: GENOCIDE ORGAN, ANENZEPHALIA, DER BLUTHARSCH, DEUTSCH NEPAL, CON-DOM, SLOGUN, OPERATION CLEANSWEEP, BOCKSHOLM, JANITOR. 230 minutes, NTSC. Ltd x 500 copies in a DVD digipak.

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