KIM MYHR / LASSE MARHAUG - 'On The Silver Globe' CD


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Experimental / Improv
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This album originated as an 8-channel piece, commissioned for the 2016 MetaMorf art biennale in Trondheim. After the performance the duo went back into the studio to make a stereo version of the piece, presented here. "On The Silver Globe" borrows its title from the 1988 science fiction film by Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, and Andrew Smith's book "Moon Dust". "On The Silver Globe" is divided into five sections, with a wide range of instrumentation, including guitar, vintage analogue and modular synthesizers, oscillators, granular synthesis, digital processing, acoustic objects and a wide range of studio trickery. The result is a powerful tapestry, constantly morphing into new shapes, with sudden shifts in character, slowly making its way towards the inevitable conclusion, in which all cosmic matter is sucked into a black hole. Presented in a lovely silver digipak.

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