NAXAL PROTOCOL - 'Anatomo-Pathology Of An Aborted Civilization' CD


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Power Electronics / Industrial
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Old Europa Cafe

Naxal Protocol is the new solo project by P/S of the old Italian P/E project Cazzodio and the Italo-Nippon collaboration CazzoKraft. To celebrate the advent of the Age of Unreason, Naxal Protocol scores an unsettling soundtrack for the dissection of the deformed remains of Western civilization and for the sacrificial offering of the entrails of virgin sex robots to the unmerciful warmongering deities of the Interzone. Eight tracks of complex and structured - yet uncompromisingly harsh - industrial power electronics: saturated analogue undercurrents folding quasi-rhythmically over mechanical loops of rusted junk metal and bludgeoning pulsating electronics, interspersed with hints of gangrenous acousmatic atmospheres. Guests: Masahiko Okubo (Linekraft, CazzoKraft), Giovanni Mori (Le Cose Bianche), and The Vomit Arsonist. Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.

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