PHURPA - 'Chöd Ritual / Grotta Santarcangelo' CD


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Ritual / Ethno-Ambient
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Old Europa Cafe

On 7th July 2017 Phurpa performed a "Chöd" live ritual in Santarcangelo, Italy. The ritual was held inside a cave (grotta in Italian). Chöd is an ancient practice of cutting through tensions, fears, and obstacles in our life. In Chöd, we visualize making an offering of our body, which is transformed into whatever is wanted by all beings in all realms. In this vast offering we create and cultivate a flow with everything around us and are in contact with the boundless dimension of ourselves. Chöd involves all of the senses, as one practices it by visualizing the offering while singing and playing ritual instruments. Over an house of best quality tibetan ritual with the typical Phurpa instruments and vocals. Despite the similar titles, this is completely different material to the Zoharum CD "Chöd". Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.

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