FLUXUS - 'Art Of War' CD


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Industrial / Minimal / Ethno-Ambient
Record Label:
Unknown Pleasures Records

This is the second work of Spanish Industrial / Experimental artists Mauri Ibañez Sangés and Pedro Peñas Robles aka HIV+, who together become Fluxus. A work that puts the accent on the "Islamic totalitarianism that wants to seize the world using violence and terrorism" and is the result of the collaboration of both artists. While Mauri is responsible for music, rhythms, mixing and production in general, Pedro brings the concept, the voices, the Arabic samples and the oriental soundscapes. "Art Of War" appeal to lovers of Muslimgauze, Pan Sonic, Sleeparchive, Byetone, Atom Tm, M² or The Klinik. 6-panel digisleeve.

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