BJ NILSEN - 'Terroir' 3" CD


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Field Recordings / Ambient
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Ferns Recordings

BJ Nilsen is the Swedish mastermind behind Hazard and Morthound. "...he gathered sonorities deriving from a complete process of harvesting and fermentation. This, of course, includes the manual / mechanical traits of the operations, whose clamorous prominence constitutes the bulk of the material. At about 2/3 of the duration, the composer decided that the period of quasi-concreteness was over. From that point on, the original sources are condensed into supernatural reverberance with customary skillfulness. The basic sound expanded and stretched, the underlying energies uneasy to manage, the sense of being threatened by some horrific nuclear exhalation more immediate. Every component - either at the forefront of the mix, or as a darkish proximity - suggests a higher level of sensory activity. What had begun as a rather straightforward acoustic documentary is turned into a glorious painting of reconditeness" (Touching Extremes). Ltd x 500 copies in a mini-gatefold sleeve.

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