CLOAK OF ALTERING - 'Manifestation' CD


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Black Metal / Industrial / Experimental
Record Label:
Crucial Blast

One of many alter-egos of the notorious Dutch industrial black metal outfit Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak Of Altering returns to unleash another blast of mutated symphonic black metal, nightmarish breakcore, skewed Industrial and hellish electronics. Compared to previous works, Manifestation is a slightly less chaotic monstrosity, giving these blackened maelstroms added room to breathe, but the cumulative assault continues to thoroughly scorch the listener. The result is seemingly as informed by the hallucinatory throes of early Coil and the violent breakcore of Bong-Ra and Venetian Snares as it is by classic Nordic black metal. As always, Cloak Of Altering balances all of this electronically-deformed madness with some strikingly beautiful and majestically bleak melodic passages, with blasts of bombastic, heavily atmospheric synthesizer. 6-panel digipak.

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