MILITIA - 'New European Order' 2 x CD


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Old Europa Cafe

The reissue of a cult and long time sold-out album! "New European Order" was Militia's official debut album in 1996, released by the German record label Praxis Dr. Bearmann. Armed with a formidable scrap-metal armoury of oil drums, corrugated iron gongs and detuned brass instruments, this extraordinary Belgian collective produce massive pounding revolutionary industrial hymns reminiscent of such old-school greats as Test Dept, SPK and Einsturzende Neubauten. The album was completely re-recorded in studio winter 2016/17 using a load of additional percussion, sampled voices, and other instruments. The title track is a completely different version, while all other tracks contain more and different percussion, more lyrics, additional instruments. A quite different album, even if starting from the old recorded basis. 6-panel double digipak.

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