ANTHON SHIELD - 'Rare Tapes 1980-1985' 2 x CD


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Cold Wave / Minimal / Industrial
Record Label:
Unknown Pleasures Records

Remastered CD version of the old tapes by experimental and minimal electronic pioneer Anthon Shield (aka Usher / USHERsan) from the french early post punk era (1980/1985). Many French musicians were in tune with the successive musical revolutions. Among them Anthon. He was one of the creators of cold-wave, also exploring industrial music, EBM and noise. This double CD is an essential for ultra fans, with these songs enjoying a completed form. These pieces and variations deserve to be heard. Music created by Akai 2-track tape deck, a Mini-Korg 700s, two rhythm boxes (one of which was made by Philippe Fichot from Die Form), a small microphone, some special effects and a Fender Mustang. Ltd x 500 copies in a 6-panel digisleeve.

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