OTHILA - 'Brónagh' CD Boxset


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Dark Ambient / Industrial / Ritual
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Othila is back with a new album of Ethno Pagan Ambient music. Sometimes ritual, sometimes epic, always cinematographic, the 10 tracks of Brónagh illustrate the accompanying novels. This album is for fans of Test Dept's Terra Firma and Gododdin, and all those of you ready for a mystical trip into mysterious and fantastic Celtic countries. Limited edition boxset of 300 copies including a 60-page book (6 novels in French illustrated by Sergio Toppi, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Jean-Marc Dauvergne, Aleksi Briclot, Piskic and David Dauner) and 4 inserts. This is the final part of Othila's Celtic Trilogy (after the Yula 10" and Titouan 7"). 

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