IRM - 'Anthology' 2 x CD Set


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Power Electronics / Industrial
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Having started out in 1997 when Erik Jarl asked Martin Bladh to join him, 2012 sees the 15th anniversary of IRM. Those 15 years have seen them mature from bedroom autodidacts to masters of the studio environment. Taking their cue from the confrontational sounds of Brighter Death Now and Whitehouse on their debut, IRM have honed their sound on each album and eventually fleshed out the sonic tapestry by the addition of Mikael Oretoft on bass. By tapping into the mindsets of outsider artists / authors such as Mishima, Rudolf Schwarzkogler and Francis Bacon, their obsessions with pain, purity and beauty leaked into Bladh's personal lyrics. This aesthetic amalgamated with the volcanic eruptions of Jarl and Oretoft have set IRM apart as true originators in the diluted sea of contemporary power electronics. The set contains a double digipak with 20-page booklet and wrap-around insert. Hardback slipbox adorned with spot-varnishing. Ltd x 500 copies.

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