GENOCIDE ORGAN - 'Civilization' 2 x CD Slipbox


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Power Electronics / Death Industrial
Record Label:
Tesco Organisation

Released on Tesco Organisation in 1991, "Save Our Slaves" arrived as the second album for G.O., following Leichenlinie 2 years prior. Although the impact of Leichenlinie is undeniable in establishing the group within the noise industrial / power electronics scene, Save Our Slaves is the release that cemented G.O.’s cult underground status, executing each hallmark element of sound, visuals and thematic content. Contents: the complete material of "Save Our Slaves" (1991), "The Lever Sunlicht Shooting" (Live 15.12.1990), and compilation / ltd 7" tracks from 1991-1998. The 2CD edition comes asa deluxe linenpaper covered, foilblocked and debossed Hard-Slipbox, incl. Coverpak with double CD and extensive large 24pp booklet. Only this first edition comes as special Hard-Slipcase Set with the additional Live CD. 

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