VA - 'Circuit Intégré Volume 2 - A Compilation of Contemporary Electronica' CD


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Ambient / Drone / Experimental / Dub / Techno
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This series presents the most interesting young projects working in the the field of broadly-defined electronic music, each part containing recordings of three different projects. This second part features: Docetism, Ghosts Of Breslau and Ixora. Docetism is an alias of Maciej Banasik (Atum, Contemptus Mundi, Topografia), exploring dark ambient / ambient dub. Ghosts of Breslau is the longest running of the projects presented here. It has been around since 2001 and has moved from creating Martial Industrial soundscapes into ambient-drone structures. The last of the projects here is Ixora, that is the combined forces of Gaap Kvlt and Micromelancolié. The characteristic features of the plant called ixora include evergreen shrubs and magnificent inflorescences. The two musicians think about their music in a similar manner. You can hear echoes of both ambient drone and experimental techno in their tracks. Ltd x 400 copies in a 6-panel ecopak.

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