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Harsh Noise / Power Electronics / Experimental
Record Label:
Ruido Horrible

Celebrating 10 Years Of Horrible Noise "Diez Años de Ruido Horrible". This CD portrays a considerable part of the current Mexican underground experimental / noise / extreme music scene. Having as its primal intention to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ruido Horrible label, this compilation features 18 performers (16 Mexican and 2 hailing from other Latin American provenance), whose takes on sonic radicalism goes from harsh noise to hardcore-noise crossover to musique concrete and power electronics; the common ground being a take on the possibilities of sound and their intensive participation in the local underground scene. Features: Gudinni Cortina, Juanjose Rivas, Tron, .RR, Cacophonic Joy, Monosodic, I'm Insane, Bonequi, Vulgar Disease, Iñigo Barandiaran, 886VG, Balisticos Rutilantes, Ensamble Atrocidad, Fiorella16, Alejandro Tux, Monogatari, Los Heraldos Negros, Wehrmacht Lombardo, (Sic). Over its 50 releases to date, the label has also published worldwide artists such as Zbigniew Karkowski, Dave Phillips, Winters In Osaka, Content Nullity,  PBK, and Macronympha. CD in digisleeve.

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