LEIDUNGR - 'Nordiska Hymner' LP & CD


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Martial Industrial / Ritual / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Trutzburg Thule

Nordiska Hymner is Swedish for Nordic Hymns. The trinity of H. Möller (Arditi & Puissance), Belfagor (Ofermod & Nefandus) and P. Ståhl created an opus of ritual martial-industrial and dark ambient, following their highly acclaimed debut album. The lyrical concept of "Nordiska Hymner" is a philosophical presentation of the ancient myths and spirituality of northern Europe. Leidungr represent the few but strong, those never enslaved by any way of inferior thoughts. Through their music you will be able to come into contact with your own inner ancient Warrior Spirit; proud and unbreakable, no matter what earthly origin you may have. Leidungr is Spirit, not flesh! The limited LP edition comes with different artwork to the CD edition and is presented as a 180g, heavy weight black vinyl and is limited to 200 copies. Also includes the CD in a plain black sleeve, and an exclusive poster.

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