HATSUNE KAIDAN - 'Noisy Killer' LP


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Japanese Noise / J-Pop / Electro
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Hijokaidan side project using the singing synthesizer Miku Hatsune, layered over the band's signature noise. "Noisy Killer" is a collection of entirely reworked cover versions - ranging from cult 70's film soundtracks, to Perfume's 'Electro World', to anime theme songs, to those of radical group Zumou Keisatsu and everything in between. Despite the seemingly random selection of songs, the album is a cohesive work that never loses pace, even while zig-zagging between genres. Hatsune Kaidan originally started with the album Hijokaidan "Hatsune Kaidan Live!" before becoming its own project. For performances Miku was portrayed by Kamin Shirahata, and later, LeChat. Originally released by Alchemy Records in 2015 on CD. Ltd x 500 copies.

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