TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED - 'Cosmoprism: The Theurgy - Act I' 12"


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Black Metal / Industrial
Record Label:
Order Of Theta

A mysterious atmospheric black metal / industrial project from Cyprus. Man vs. cosmos, cosmos vs. man; as we explore the antipodes of the universe and its relation to the human condition, inevitably we shall stumble upon something greater than ourselves. Something which stands defiantly beyond language, beyond concepts, beyond the human. Desperately we try to fathom and describe but to no avail. Some call it God, others prefer silence. Tome Of The Unreplenished, fully aware of this ancient struggle, abandon the fetters of musical convention and knowingly steer into terra incognita. Gone is the uplifting transcendence of this work heretofore, now inverted into a vertiginous descent. In this deluge, sonic experience takes primacy over structure and rhythm, objective determinants of harmony and order give way to subjective sensations of Cosmic revelation. 31 mins of music. Ltd x 250 copies in a fold-out sleeve.

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