BLACK LIGHT ASCENSION - 'The Austerity Exhibition' LP


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Post-Industrial / Minimal
Record Label:
Hau Ruck!

The Austerity Exhibition is the third album from Black Light Ascension. If Ashes was about the end, and Post Future Recordings about alternate futures, then The Austerity Exhibition is a call to arms for the present. Ice cold fury, dead eyed nihilism and epic defiance, played by machines but driven by humans. Jagged post punk guitar and darkly sonorous vocals by Andrew Trail. Crushingly powerful electronic bass, beats and riffs from Hunter Barr. Brilliant production and sound design by Hunter Barr, assisted by Andrew Trail, at the legendary Retina II studios. Features live hits Dark Angels and Crocodile Tears. Passionately assembled, with vinyl artwork by Esmeralda Munoz Torrero, a brilliant artwork in itself. Ltd x 298 copies!

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