LAST DOMINION LOST - 'Abomination Of Desolation' LP


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Industrial / Experimental
Record Label:
La Esencia

Desolation: total, utter, without remit. Departure, loss, absence, yawning valleys of noise. The overture moans from the terminal ward. Such is the subject matter and sentiment of this album, which puts Last Dominion Lost firmly on the throne of post-industrial music. The recordings began with John Murphy in 2015, before his untimely death. An electronic album, reflecting on John's experiences when he was first hospitalised, comatose, and hooked to a breathing machine which was constantly creating bizarre sounds. With a firm electronic / analogue backbone, a delicate contrast of percussion and uncanny vocals, this is a truly dark affair, saturated with noise and feedback that taps deep into the genre's conscience. Metallic percussion, screams of terror, ritual chants and anxious atmospheres are all used and abused in order to create the most accurate soundtrack of desolation. The album features new member Till Brüggemann (Gerechtigkeits Liga), as well as guests: Nikolas Schreck, Lori Goldston and John's beloved wife Annie Stubbs among others. Ltd x 300 copies, printed on high quality natural paper, with printed inner sleeve.

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