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Noise / Experimental / Musique Concrete
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Doubtful Sounds

Schlim (slime in Alsatian dialect) is the final instalment of a trilogy. "Forget all the 'crazy stories' about members in mental hospitals and Zen temples, covering themselves with stuff from garbage bins, and concentrate on what is on offer, and that's the music. The four members, Heyer, Kittel, Ogrob and Spenlehauer, are no doubt non-musicians in the truest sense of the word... They swap their instruments on all tracks, and keep at them for the duration of the track. There is the usual vocal abuse, a bit of noise, improvised guitar bits, the demented rock approach if you will. It all goes down to tape and then gets mixed, and there it gets interesting; Micro_Penis use the studio-as-instrument to great effect here... It all reminded me of a bit of Nurse With Wound layering tons of weirdness on a bunch of tracks in the studio and then seeking out the right balance between those tracks in order to build an intense composition... This is surely their best album so far" (Vital Weekly). Ltd x 300 copies with postcard.

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