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Power Electronics / Industrial / Noise
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Freak Animal

In 2010, Freak Animal and Filth & Violence issued ”What’s Your Pleasure, Sir?” LP by collaboration project of Bizarre Uproar, Sick Seed and Mania. High energy levels of brutal noise makes album to stand out in mass of bleak releases. Each project has developed their sound and style during almost 10 years gap between these two releases. The second time they meet represents the fusion of current sound of projects. Bleak, rotten, crude and fierce combinations of many of the elements that each project is known for. Slowly starting broken crackling, damaged fuzzy lo-fi sound, experimentation of utterly dirty and disgusting sounds that present album often to be what many noise releases are not: Difficult. Pure energetic noise bursts, but also disturbing, unnerving sonic damage. Explicit artwork (do not order if you are easily offended!!), exploitation of cheap urges and vile desires. Comes in thick black board covers with pasted on artwork. Includes double-sided insert.

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