GRUNT - 'Sacrosanct Imperium' SINGLE-SIDED LP


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Power Electronics / Noise
Record Label:
Freak Animal

Re-issue of a 20 minute tape that came out after the 'Myth Of Blood' album. Some concluded it to be superior material compared to the full length. Whether this is true or not, Freak Animal acknowledges the strength of material to be worthy of a vinyl reissue. Constant demand of the tape version has resulted in the material being widely available, so vinyl edition is quite small. Three raw yet also atmospheric tracks of industrial-noise, hammering electronic pulses, distorted screaming vocals and broken sonic waste. The vinyl is a one-sider, including all the music on one side and pasted-on graphics on other side of the vinyl, making it resemble a picture-disc. Includes all the graphics and lyrics of the original tape version.

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