EMERGE - 'Oneirism' 10" + Bonus Disc


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Dark Ambient / Drone
Record Label:
Attenuation Circuit

Both tracks here showcase the "dark ambient" aspects of Emerge's work in its purest form to date. "Oneirism" hints at the world of dreams, and while one side can be considered a cinematic rendering of a nightmare set in dark and glacial surroundings, the other is replete with immersive drones that are mysterious yet beautiful in an otherworldly way, making this release the dream of every dark ambient fan. While deep, dark drones have always been an important feature of his compositions - as on their debut vinyl, released on Drone Records in 2003 - they have always been contrasted with other timbres. Here, Emerge goes more minimal and more bass-heavy , letting deep microtones envelop the listener, sucking them into a dream world. Ltd x 300 numbered copies, with CDR version included.

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