YEN POX - 'Universal Emptiness' 10"


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Drone / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Drone Records

Yen Pox is Michael Hensley (Blood Box) and Steven Hall (Veil Of Secrecy). Brand new material by this cult US duo, working with deep e-bass sounds to create an isolationistic mass of darkest cosmic ambience. When you put this on you are immediately touched by the cold breath of an amorph "otherness" - this sound is so monumental and complex that it seems to suspend not only the mind but also the physis, and you experience intensely that both are the same anyway... there's something in this music that lets you really shiver & feel levitated at the same time.. gloriously, the self is dissolving! Ultra heavy black hole ambience! Ltd x 500 copies, with spot-varnished artwork by Eyelyft.

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