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Drone / Experimental
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Drone Records

Cedric Peyronnet (aka Toy Bizarre) is currently one of the most impressive composers using / processing pure nature recordings, and shaping them into something beyond the known. His soundscapes are full of details and circling dynamics but keep a floating and atmospheric character. "It's all about a place. An unknown place. A hidden place. Hidden? Well, you have to be very familiar with the country to get there. Few human traces. Few signs that there is something there. On the limit / border of places. But it's a real place. I can point it on a map. But it will look as a blank space. It's a place where you can feel there is something. There is a path deep in the woods, where, as a child, I used to run - walking was really too frightening there. Spent a lot of time there, trying to track down the essence of the place, trying to catch the unknown." Ltd 300 copies on clear vinyl.

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