YANNICK DAUBY & HITOSHI KOJO - 'La Vie Dans Les Airs & Dans Les Eaux' 10"


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Drone / Experimental
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Drone Records

Two pieces based on environmental, concrete and instrumental sources recorded in various parts of the world between 2006-2013. This is the first ever collaborative release between these two cosmopolitan sound artists from France and Japan: mysterious (micro)-sounds that could come from minerals, stones, plants, or daily objects and instruments - opening up two soundscaping tracks full of wondrous elements, combining the 'concrete' with the sublime and the atmospheric. "We were touching metal with our skin, with wood and with stones. We were navigating in the obscurity, under the earth. We were probing the water with our instruments. Almost like if we were trying to let some lifeforms emerging from the land" (Yannick Dauby). Ltd x 300 copies, with artwork by ANDREW CHALK.

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