BASS COMMUNION - 'Sisters Oregon' 10"


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Drone / Experimental
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Drone Records

Bass Communion could be regarded as Steven Wilson's (Porcupine Tree) discrete medium for manifesting his most daring, challenging and obscure musical ideas. After a planning phase of several years the newest studio material of Bass Communion is a wonderful, mysterious experimental drone / ambient work that is mainly based on a recording of a boys choir (Air Studio, London 2014). The four parts on this 26-minute 10" are filled with sonorous drone expanses, tiny microsounds, deep bass eruptions and sudden breaks, ranging from an otherwordly subtleness to a most spacious finale, reaching a transcendental beauty of the highest degree. Black vinyl, with full colour sleeve feat. stunning artwork by Carl Glover, underlining the mystery of this release. First editon of 500 copies.

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