ANDREW LILES & FOVEA HEX - 'Gone Every Evening' 7"


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Experimental / Ambient
Record Label:
Die Stadt

This record features two collaborative pieces by Andrew Liles & Fovea Hex, with Fabrizio Palumbo (Larsen, Father Murphy) as special guest. Featuring Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound), Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, Fabrizio Palumbo and Michael Begg, these two strange songs will find the way swiftly to your very core, quite by themselves, to simultaneously delight and only faintly unsettle you. Needless to say that everyone who enjoyed the Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent trilogy by Fovea Hex will also love this. It comes packaged in an attractive gatefold cover with a printed inner sleeve designed by Andrew Liles. Ltd x 500 copies.

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