FLEURETY - 'Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporaneae' 7"


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Black Metal / Avant-Garde
Record Label:
Aesthetic Death Records

"...this is very much music of the modern and contemporary age... and the duo have other collaborators on board enhancing the sounds you hear [members of Zweizz, The Switch, Tusmørke, ex-Dødheimsgard]. The words black metal are mentioned in the background before a dense template of experimental sounds are wrung out. There’s a bassy ballast and incessant rumbling with some glistening and fragmentary tones over the top... a sense of melody in some of the lines, static bristling electrical feedback and piano. Side B has a near Eastern feel to it and at first you wonder if you are hearing a sitar until the melody comes through and totally enchants. Its heady and dreamy, incredibly fragrant and wafts out alongside thickly defined bass lines drawing you into another world and having you float off caught in its airy grasp..." (Ave Noctum). Ltd x 666 copies with a sticker.

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