PRAXINOSCOPE - 'Praxinoscope' Picture Disc LP


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Ethereal / Folk / Ritual
Record Label:
A Silent Place

Praxinoscope is a project which unites the duo Roberto Opalio (one-half of My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini. Here Ponzini plays little Japanese percussions and wind chimes, creating a resonant texture over Roberto's alien wordless vocals and space electronics. The material comes from a whole session recorded in a mysterious location of the Western Alps, directly transferred to CD using neither overdubs nor outtakes. For the entire length of its 40 minutes, the piece will stifle your breath because of its pure essence and intimate mood; a mystic, suffocated chant reminding the silence of ancient rituals, the ultimate exorcism to avert the Infinite Pain. Ltd x 500 copies on a full-colour picture disc with psychedelic artwork in a printed PVC sleeve.

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