VA - 'Sound Cartography' LP


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Noise / Dark Ambient / Experimental
Record Label:
Nancy Jo

Two track featuring a "by mail" collaborative style process featuring Jon Kortland (Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant), Greg Wilkinson (Pig Heart Transplant, Brainoil, C.O.L.M.), Patrick Bolger (Gas Chamber, Running For Cover) and David Bailey (Cages, Running For Cover). "Sound Cartography" is concerned with the investigation of how individuals react when presented with unfamiliar material. Using a linear sequence, each consecutive participant ultimately determines the structure & feel of the record, taking cues from the previous submissions. A libretto echoing out from the sound of space stations slowly deteriorating. Huge, Dark rumblings with destroyed piano & electronics crackling above. A libretto concerning the initial stages of life and the pre & post concerns it may have had. Extra hot "DJ" cut for maximum power! Ltd x 300 copies with screened chipboard covers, featuring art by Mark Sirek & Craig Sheperd.

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