VA - 'Musiques Electroniques En France 1974-1984 - Vol. 2' LP


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Electro / Minimal / Experimental
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Replica Records

This compilation aims at introducing the French pioneers of electronic music, who are generally little known or completely anonymous. It's rarely acknowledged but, early in the 70’s, and thanks to the commercialisation of the first financially accessible synthesizers, some adventurous French musicians decided to adopt this instrument and add it to their musical palette. Some of the analogue synthesizers that have since become legends, such as the VCS3, the Synthi AKS by EMS, the Mini-Moog, the ARP 2600 or the Odyssey, were even chosen to be used as their basic and principal means of creation. All of them created a remarkable and truly original music. Vol. 2 features: Lard Lee, Vidéo-Aventures, Richard Pinhas (Heldon), and Pascal Comelade (Bel Canto Orchestra) & David Cunningham (Irish-born artist / producer, and founding member of The Flying Lizards). 180g vinyl.

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