VA - 'Art Is (C)over Vol.1 - Tribute to The Gerogerigegege' CD


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Noise / Punk
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Vis A Vis Audio Arts

Tribute collection by 27 artists from 17 countries to infamous Japanese Noise act The Gerogerigegege. From hardcore punk to noise from Fiji to Colombia, from Pakistan to Indonesia, from Brazil to Croatia; it is an unusual tribute of momentum that skips from the beginning to the end with bursting laughter and power, from guitar instruments to explosive live covers. "It is one piece that you can recommend not only for beginners but also for those who do not usually listen to music". Features: Giht Shasie, Disforjia, Ghost Dad Starring Bill Cosby, Quentin Tarantino's Foot Fetish, Exile The Fucks, Piss, Jackychonfristike, Michael Gillham, Bungus, Porreria, Noise Soneta, Minty, Wrong, Scap, Darty Dan + Fuck Boys, Hachimitsu Dave Bootleg, Qersty, Kowareta, Gutpunch, Debotante, Ron Stmachache (RRR), Listen Lisse, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, The Dicklick Brigade, Hammer Smashing Weaking's Bones, Zach Mcelroy. Vis A Vis Audio Arts is the label of Juntaro Yamanouchi (The Gerogerigegege) - he also produced and edited the release. Comes in an outsized folded card cover. 

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