MZ. 412 / TREPANERINGSRITUALEN - 'X Post Industriale / Rituals 2015 e.v.' 2 x LP


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Black Industrial / Death Industrial
Record Label:
Old Europa Cafe

On 31st October 2015 MZ.412 and Trepaneringsritualen performed two memorable rituals at Old Europa Cafe's X Congresso Post Industriale festival at Club Kindergarten in Bologna, Italy. Those sounds have been finally fixed into solid and heavy vinyl for all those who will re-live those rituals in the next million years! Highly recommended Swedish Black Industrial / Death Industrial release. Mastering by Henrik Bjorkk / Nordvargr. Ltd x 500 copies in a gatefold cover with poster artwork by Thomas Eklund / TxRxP. ACT FAST!

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