GRUNT - 'Castrate The Illusionist' CD


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Power Electronics / Noise
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Freak Animal

Castrate The Illusionist goes directly into the line of albums such as 'Myth Of Blood' (2015), 'World Draped In A Camouflage' (2012), 'Petturien Rooli' (2009) and 'Seer of Decay' (2006). On this path of the recent 10 years, Grunt focused mostly on creation of coherent albums. Each album has had its own character, yet often a continuation of sound and themes of the previous one. 'Castrate The Illusionist' album represents both the sonic rawness of direct live-on-tape recordings as well as the obsessive care on small detail. The 40 minute album consists of 11 tracks, making most of them short, loaded with strong impact that leaves one with a hunger for more. The sound combines the traditions of experimental electronics to fierce power electronics and industrial noise, aiming at a fusion of interesting textures and details without losing the ripping violent force of the dark side of noise. Comes with an 8-page booklet.

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