JAZZFINGER - 'The Little Girl On The Plane Who Turned Her Dolls Head Around To Look At Me' CD

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Experimental / Electro-Acoustic / Industrial
Record Label:
Muzamuza Records

Rare debut album from the UK electro-acoustic / avant-garde / experimental duo of Ben Jones and Hasan Gaylani, here investigating classic lo-fi psychedelic noise in a post-Bower / Campbell / Youngs style. "A caustic soundscape of high end streaks, like howling dogs and balloons being rubber together morphs into a thick fuzzy dirgescape thick with industrial scrapes and warbly organ, like some long lost Dead C jam, then some damaged acoustic guitar beneath a field of buzzing electricity... Thick and caustic and noisy but somehow so creepy and pretty" (Aquarius). Ltd x 500 copies in a heavy PVC archive sleeve with vellum wrap.

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