JAZZKAMMER - 'Sound Of Music' 3" CD


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Noise / Experimental
Record Label:
OHM Records

"The title of this Jazzkammer (Lasse Marhaug / John Hegre) release is a very nice reference to their tactics: they create sound out of music. With the help of electronic equipment and a guitar, they blast their way through definitions of the term that shocks so many. This little disc leaves no questions about Jazzkammer's intentions: they want noise and they'll make it happen. In twenty minutes time they offer the whole spectrum of the genre as we know it: fierce rumbles, glitches, hisses and piercing tones. And not to forget: some looped melodic elements, heavily distorted and, more often than not, buried under an avalanche of other noise... Way to go!" (Vital). Comes in a little gatefold digifile.

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