MACHINEFABRIEK - 'Loops For Voerman' 3" Metallised CD

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Drone / Ambient
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None (Self-Released)

With this remarkable MCD containing the most intensely affecting Machinefabriek recording since last year's career-defining 'Dauw'. 'Loops For Voerman' was recorded as part of an art installation/sculpture by Rob Voerman but doesn't rely on any visual association for its unique, almost harrowing quality. Bowed strings take on a metallic, razor-like identity, with vocal shards and found sounds arranging themselves throughout the looped cycle of the track, each time re-positioning themselves with an almost imperceptible shift of emphasis. Originally performed on a three-way speaker system, one can only imagine the impact on the listener with all that extra movement of sound, intensifying an already overpowering aural experience and delivering one of the most valuable artefacts yet in the already mightily impressive Machinefabriek canon. Very highly recommended. Second edition, beautifully presented on a 3" metallised CD in a gold printed card sleeve and including a free bonus download (Live For Voerman).

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