MERZBOW - 'Age Of 369 / Chant 2' 2 x CD


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Japanese Noise
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"Age of 369" was originally released on cassette in 1984. The lesser known "Chant 2" is also from this period and complements the sonic intensity of the other. Of further importance is the influence of Maurizio Bianchi (MB) and the mail art that was integral to the industrial underground. These reissues document significant works from Japan's Noise master. Made with a cheap tape recorder and a lot of tape loops, which were then manipulated by hand. "Lowest Music 2" was a very early example of that. Then Merzbow mixed more tape loops with more harsh noise. "Age of 369" (Mlroku No Yo) and "Chant 2" are the finest early examples of that. The Japanese title of "Age of 369" was inspired by the Omoto Cult, founded by Onisabura Degughi. The double CD re-release of "Age of 369" (miroku No Yo) and Chant 2" combines both the music and the Mail Art of this period and is a fitting document of Merzbow In 1984. Australian import. RARE! ACT FAST!

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