MERZBOW - 'Higanbana' CD


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Japanese Noise
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Vivo Records
"Masami Akita in collaboration with some chickens. Given his penchant for animal kingdom-themed releases in recent years, that actually makes some sort of sense. Another theme in recent Merzbow releases has been the reappearance of analogue electronics, and true to form, Higanbana finds Akita using EMS synth alongside his laptop. It's hard to tell exactly what's making the noise at any given time here, but the intensity is often pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, in amongst the fuzz and feedback you'll hear a few cleaner oscillations penetrating the mix, adding elements of colour, and avoiding the all-out overload that might have otherwise foiled the album... This is an intense, largely unrelenting assault on the ears, and that's probably exactly what you expected to hear from Akita" (Boomkat). Packaged in a hardback 6-panel digisleeve.

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